Americana Music Conference Goes Down the Streaming Rabbit Hole

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A conference has to make a buck, you know?  We all understand that, and the Americana Music Conference is no exception.  The conference that is attached to the Americana Music Awards is a stalwart in our business and has managed to maintain its true authenticity for a very long time.  We appreciate the sponsors who line up to support the show and the conference–it’s a great group.  For the most part.

How anyone thought that it was a good idea to include Pandora in the mix of sponsors is a bit beyond me.  Pandora is getting sued in the Turtles class action because they don’t pay to play artists who happened to record before 1972.  That list includes a huge number of Americana, bluegrass, roots and country music artists.  So how the Americana Music Conference could allow these people in the door is beyond me.  Well, if they’re…

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