Big Tech Has Become Way Too Powerful: Google Is Playing By the Rules They Make

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Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it.

From Long, Long Time by Guy Forsyth

If you read nothing else this weekend, read former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s New York Times op-ed “Big Tech has Become Way Too Powerful.”  (Which was evidently originally posted under the title “Big Tech has Become Way Too Powerful, Ask Google” judging by the title in the link (–I wonder who made that change.)

Secretary Reich makes the point that Google, in particular, has an unprecedented stranglehold on the U.S. Government:

In 2012, the staff of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition submitted to the commissioners a 160-page analysis of Google’s dominance in the search and related advertising markets, and recommended suing Google for conduct that “has resulted — and will result — in real harm to consumers and to innovation.” But the commissioners chose…

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