More Free Non-Display Uses of Music: Google’s Tying Agreements Force Phone Companies to Use YouTube

Music Technology Policy

We’ve talked before about how Google profits out the back door from its “fair use” of scanning millions of books at its high security scanning center (see “Epsilons at the Brave New Googolplex“), what I call “non-display” uses of works of authorship.  Here’s another one, this time with YouTube.

Remember–YouTube is essentially a datamining honeypot disguised as a video service.  Google uses the behavioral and other data scraped from YouTube users (very likely indiscriminately including children) to assemble its highly refined data profiles that it makes most of its revenue from exploiting.  That’s the real money, not the advertising that some YouTubers get a few mils from permitting to clutter up their videos.

Needless to say, none of that revenue finds its way to the pot.  Hence–non-display, as in happening in the background and undisclosed.

Not only does Google profit from data profiling culled from YouTube users, Google…

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