“Rumor Has It” That Spotify May Stop Censoring and Start Segmenting

Music Technology Policy

The Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify is considering allowing the market to work so that artists can decide window their music between the Spotify free music service and Spotify’s subscription service.  Naturally, this decision to liberate artists from the bureaucrats in the Spotify Ministry of Culture will be welcome news although it may be limited to superstar artists.

The Journal reports:

In private talks, Spotify has told music executives that it is considering allowing some artists to start releasing albums only to its 20 million-plus subscribers, who pay $10 a month, while withholding the music temporarily from the company’s 80 million free users.

Spotify, initially, will try the new approach as a test, according to a person familiar with the matter. It wants to investigate how such a “windowed” approach might affect usage and subscription sign-ups. It also hasn’t decided which artist will get to withhold music from the…

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