Five–Make that Six–Gains We Made in 2015: The Good News is the Bad News is Wrong

Music Technology Policy

Despite the singular lack of successful legislation in the U.S. Congress (or much of anywhere else for that matter), the news was not all bad this year.  Not by a long shot.  The good news has a common theme for the most part: Artists, a taste making radio programmer and in one case a publisher breaking away from the pack and standing up for their rights and their human dignity.  For the most part, artists said there’s something bigger than just my rights or my income at stake and we will be silenced no longer.  These were superstars and middle class artists alike, sometimes singly and sometimes in the movement (#irespectmusic), but always with a unique voice.

MIC Coaltion 8-15

Because the legislative route is blocked off by the likes of Google, Pandora and the MIC Coalition, and because the Federal Trade Commission (that shining bureaucracy on a hill and a beacon of…

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