Blake Morgan Takes #irespectmusic Campaign to U.S. Senate Supporting Songwriters Equity Act

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Blake Morgan posted this on his Facebook page today:

blake senate 1

So…today is the day. For the first time, I’ll be bringing the #IRespectMusic campaign to the United States Senate. Over the next two days, I’ll be in Senate offices for discussions on fair market value specifically for American songwriters. The Songwriter Equity Act, like the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, is a crucial piece of legislation supported by both parties that American music makers want, need, and deserve. #IRespectMusic began as a spontaneous online grassroots uprising, and now look at where we’ve brought it, together. I’m saddled up. Game on.

Once again, Blake demonstrates the power of grassroots!  We’ll keep you posted on his journey.

If you’re going to be in Los Angeles for Grammy Week, don’t forget that the California Copyright Conference is hosting a panel on #irespectmusic on February 9, click here for details.

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