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Blake Shumer

Blake Morgan took the #irespectmusic campaign to Capitol Hill again last week, this time in support of the Songwriter Equity Act (bill numbers HR 1283 and S662) with staff in the U.S. Senate.  His meetings included his own New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirstin Gellibrand.

Blake Gillibrand

One of the cornerstone principles of the #irespectmusic campaign is to support the ideal of fair treatment for all creators and is not limited to specific legislation.  Here’s an example.  Principle: Artist pay for radio play.  Bill: Fair Play, Fair Pay.  Principle:  Songwriters should be fairly compensated.  Bill: Songwriter Equity Act.

Blake Leahy

Blake’s trip to Washington coincided with the second anniversary of the #irespectmusic petition.  The movement is now in its second session of Congress–it started in the second year of the last session (the 113th) and is now working on the current session of Congress (the 114th).

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Blake wrote this insightful post that…

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