Apple + Google: Google Ad Supported Piracy In The Apple App Store


free music search 1

Search for “free music” in the Apple App Store.


free music streaming music 2

Grab this one: Free Music -Stream Music Mp3 Video Player.

IOS homescreen 3

Here it is on my home screen.

search for music with ads 4

Look ads!  Click on blue triangle.  Hope you didn’t pay too much for that shitty mobile ad HBO digital marketing geniuses!

Ads by Google 5

“Ads by Google.” Yes the company that wants to monetize the worlds piracy.

My song not licensed and recording 6

Check for one of my songs. Looks like studio recording…

playing it 7

Yes, indeed this is our studio recording.

my song not licensed and recorded 8

Here’s another. Stay Classy New York Times.  Who else is on here?  Studio recordings?

playing DK 10

Dead Kennedys.

playing cake

Cake.  Google is calling you “dude.”  Studio Recording!

Olds 97

Old 97’s.

Lessons learned:

  1. Apple and Google can get along when it comes to fucking over artists.
  2. Google mobile advertising is absolute horse-shit.
  3. The voluntary guidelines to stop click fraud and ad supported piracy are double horse-shit.
  4. They aren’t gonna stop unless someone goes to jail.