The Truth About Vinyl And Streaming – And It Is Not Pretty…

More talk about vinyl and streaming, here’s more clarity…

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There’s a romanticism about vinyl, and we share that enthusiasm of the format for obvious reasons. However it should be noted that the romanticism that surrounds vinyl, is largely that- romanticism. Below we’ve assembled a number of recent editorials and reports about the state of vinyl production to shed some light and much needed perspective on this subject.

There several important take-a-ways from our friends who are on the front lines of vinyl production that are also noted in the reports below.

1) Vinyl revenues are grossing more than free streaming receivables. This sounds impressive at first but said another way it means that free streaming is just not generating a lot of revenue in the aggregate of the total business (not a surprise, free streaming is a big problem).

Second, and more sadly is the fact that vinyl production is very expensive and miscalculations on selecting a title or…

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One thought on “The Truth About Vinyl And Streaming – And It Is Not Pretty…

  1. totally agree, the data just isn’t there. And unlike the studio recording process, where analog plays a key role in the workflow, no one is going to revert back to vinyl for the sake of analog’s “sweetness”. I love vinyl but I am the outlier that skews the data and streaming is here until something else comes along.

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