Astroturf “Fight For The Future” Received Almost 100K From Mysterious Company Based in Mini Industrial Park


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Does your typical “grassroots” group get $96,000 dollars from a company with an address in a mini-industrial park in Michigan?  I can’t imagine that a company based in such a location would have $96,000 a year to give to an anti-copyright group like Fight For The Future?   (see more on Fight For The Future here, here, here and here).

But from the Federal 990 tax return for Fight For The Future:

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A search of Michigan State business licensing records seems to indicate that this company is not registered in Michigan.

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I’m not sure what this ultimately means, but here are some other businesses that list physical addresses as 2885 Sanford Ave SW Grandville, Michigan.  I have no idea if they are related.

World Fertility Experts

Seems an odd location for this sort of business.  Overseas fertility treatments.

Not in state business entity records

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Vitamins, investment clubs and protein supplements?!?  Those things really go together!

Below is the Manta listing.  No other records could be located.

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The Mesh Lawsuit Group

As far as I can tell there is no law firm or “lawsuit group” in the US.  Michigan business entity records have nothing listed.

Flip it Friday

A $49.95 a month online curriculum for flipping houses.

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My Fast Diploma

Not found in Michigan State business entity database.

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GS Media

Looks to be a penny stock promoter.   Again no business records in Michigan state database.  They come up in this interesting article here

Global Gaming Network (GBGM): First the pump, now the big dump

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