Songwriters: If You Feel You Must Submit Comments to DOJ Share Them with Us

We have reports from songwriters who have been on the DOJ conference calls that they are still asking songwriters comments.  We don’t think anyone would should participate in this. But for some odd reason the DOJ is not going to publish them.   Why?   We urge anyone submitting comments to also publish them on their personal blogs and send us the links.  We will publicize.  If you don’t have a blog send them to us and we will publish them.

This is a democracy not a police state.   The DOJ is one of the most powerful departments in the executive branch, they shouldn’t be allowed to operate in secrecy on commercial issues like music licensing.

(and with all the security challenges facing the US explain to me why is the DOJ wasting time and money making it easier for 1/2 trillion dollar companies like Google, Apple and Amazon to license songs?)