DOJ Shuts Down KickAssTorrents, Seizes Domains, Internet Doesn’t Break

Can we finally put the most outrageous of the Google funded anti-SOPA canards to rest?

The Department of Justice just shut down the massively infringing KickAssTorrent site.  Domains owned* by KAT were seized.  And the Internet didn’t break. Due process was not violated.  Free Speech continues unabated.

NYAN cat still soars

And  ISIS still gets to use twitter and YouTube to broadcast calls to kill westerners.   Stay classy YouTube,  this is why you will never ever replace television.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 6.07.32 PM

YouTube inspiring the next lone wolf attack again!


*The question of whether a domain name is truly owned by whomever  has registered the domain is an open question. The US Commerce department gives ICANN  “coordination role of the Internet’s naming system.”  Among the many powers (derived from the commerce department) it appoints registries for each TLD (Top Level Domain).  Things like .com, .org, .sucks  etc.   These registries then license the use of domain names that are effectively the creation of the US Commerce department through its appointed agent ICANN.  The US Commerce Department could change the contract it has with ICANN forcing it to manage domain names in any way it sees fit. It could even replace ICANN with a different entity  (Considering the fact that ICANN has essentially become the FIFA of the Internet it’s not necessarily a far fetched idea).   Many people in the rest of the world chafe at the notion that the US taxpayers essentially own the internet.  But why shouldn’t we?  We built it. More than any other country we guarantee the integrity of the system.

And I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a democratically elected government (however flawed) run the thing, rather than an unaccountable FIFA type international collection of corrupt despots.