DOJ Engages Completely Juvenile Argument Against Copyright Office in Defense of Corrupt 100% Licensing Rule

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Getting the right result for our corporate masters.

We need to get the OIG to investigate or even recommend the disbanding of the DOJ Antitrust Litigation Section III over their handling of the 100% song licensing rule.  This is getting totally ridiculous.

First: there is the very real chance of corruption here as this appears to have been  rammed through at the behest of Google by former Google lawyer Acting Assistant Attorney General Renata Hesse.   See full timeline of Google takeover of Antitrust Division:

The DOJ Antitrust Division Litigation Section III/AG Lynch/And WhiteHouse needs to get the shit FOIA-ed out of them on this alone. Everybody involved in this sorry episode needs to be investigated.

Second:  Look at how stupid/Juvenile the DOJ division is.  In a brief to Judge Stanton in defense of their 100% licensing rule they arrogantly take a potshot at the US Copyright Office because they dared to oppose the DOJ on this. In reference to this Kelsey Shannon says:

“the question at issue, however, is one of antitrust law and decree interpretation, not copyright law.”

The reason this is so arrogant is because the Copyright Office was not in disagreement with the DOJ on copyright issues!   The Copyright Office was weighing in on the structure of the music licensing market as it stands and the effect of the DOJ rule on private contracts between songwriters; administration costs; downstream licensing and loss of repertoire to BMI and ASCAP.   In short the Copyright Office noted it would be extremely disruptive and result in less competition and less efficiency.

The DOJ knows this.  But these idiots are now further disgracing themselves by trying to mount a false and misleading PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign against the US Copyright Office for opposing them.  (Appears letter was leaked to journalists before making publicly available, hence public relations campaign).

This is the bureaucratic  equivalent of telling the Copyright Office “Shut the fuck up we are the anti-trust division.”

The argument has no substance.  Who are these clowns over their anyway?

Investigate them.  Prosecute them. Fire them all.