Spotify’s Apparent Group Boycott of Artists/Apple/Tidal Shows US DOJ Antitrust Division is Corrupt

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I mean you couldn’t ask for a better screenshot.  Who is running DOJ Antitrust Division Litigation Section III?  

How the fuck do they get away with this?

The DOJ Antitrust Division Litigation Section III (entertainment industry antitrust beat) spends two years investigating the practice of fractional licensing by songwriters at the behest of  the Mic-Coalition (Google) and imposes a ridiculous new 100% licensing burden on songwriters.

But fucking Spotify-the dominant player by market share-is apparently organizing a boycott of artists who sign exclusives with Apple, and then urging a group boycott  by record labels of rival streaming services Apple Music and Tidal.  Where is DOJ ATR LIT III?  I’m not an attorney but how the fuck is this not a violation of the Sherman Act? Are we supposed to believe that the Harvard and UC Berkeley educated lawyers in the Antitrust Division don’t recognize blatant anti-competitive behavior like this?  They can’t possibly be that incompetent? Can they?

Why does Spotify get a pass? (Maybe this?)  If you ask me this looks like corruption.  Just look at this timeline,

We have multiple sources reporting that record labels are urging artists, managers and distributed labels to not do exclusives with Apple and Spotify because “it is making Spotify really mad.”   This is a group boycott.

Spotify Burying Artists

Labels limiting exclusives

“That said, a representative of a singer-songwriter told Bloomberg that the artist turned down an appearance on an Apple Music show because of fears they would “lose promotion from Spotify.” This is not about suppressing search results, this is about promoting music differently on the Spotify platform as a direct result of exclusives signed with streaming services like Apple Music.”


One thought on “Spotify’s Apparent Group Boycott of Artists/Apple/Tidal Shows US DOJ Antitrust Division is Corrupt

  1. What I do not understand is why artists or labels even really care if Spotify promotes them by favoring them in search efforts. Chances are promoting them on Spotify leads to more Spotify streams but not much in streams or paid downloads on other services. And since Spotify pays so pitifully they would be better off settling for much fewer but better paying streams on services like Apple.

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