Songwriters Lawsuit Give Scientists Clues to Location of Home Planet of Public Knowledge Staff, GiGi Sohn and Jeff John Roberts

Public Knowledge founder Gigi Sohn exhibits a large phone that may be capable of communicating with half-human half cephalopod neo-marxist extraterrestrials. 

We have written much about Public Knowledge and the hypothesis that the Google/Soros funded group are half human half cephalopod neo-marxists.    While there exists substantial evidence that Google funds this group, and while other google funded groups have neo-marxist affiliations, scientists have found no evidence to dismiss the theory that Public Knowledge (and now possibly journalist Jeff John Roberts) are half human half cephalopod neo marxists.

One of the hypotheses that attempts to explain the presence of possible half human half cephalopod neo marxists at the heart of the executive branch (Public Knowledge founder Gigi Sohn is Senior counsel to FCC Chairman Wheeler) is that they are of extraterrestrial origin.   The question then becomes “what planet are these suspected half human half cephalopods neo marxist from?”   Scientist may soon have an answer.

Scientists were recently able to validate Einstein’s General Theory by proving the existence of gravity waves produced by the collision of two massive black holes. Two days ago Songwriters of North America filed a lawsuit against the DOJ alleging both constitutional violations and violations of the Administrative Procedure Act.  This is the music licensing public policy equivalent of two massive blackholes colliding  This lawsuit allows a similar observational experiment.  The lawsuit gives scientists a way of measuring  disturbances in the Google-Soros-Shill-Space Continuum.   By examining the timing and the specific wording of “blog reactions” to the event by suspected half human half cephalopod neo marxists at Public Knowledge it is possible to extrapolate the source of  “policy directive waves” or PDWs.

The first sign that the lawsuit was producing PDWs and activating suspected half human half cephalopod neo marxists came when Public Knowledge filed this “blog reaction” about 24 hours after the lawsuit.   Scientists measured “inhuman levels of smugness”  and “false progressive hive mind reasoning”  in the blog and concluded the blog was influenced by extraterrestrial PDWs.

Yesterday radio astronomers released preliminary results which seem to indicate that Public Knowledge seems to be reacting to policy directive waves that  emanate from a planet orbiting Alpha-Beta-Centauri  or GOOG-94043.  This would make sense because scientists have previously hypothesized that the extraterrestrial Pharrell is suing a planet (UTUBE- orbiting the same star for 1 billion dollars. The constitutional and administrative challenge by songwriters would disadvantage UTUBE- in this lawsuit if courts agree “that the music licensing system wasn’t broke and DOJ needs to unfix it.”

The big surprise was that the PDWs may have activated a previously unknown half-human half-cephalopod  neo-marxist.  Journalist Jeff John Roberts at Fortune Magazine appeared to have exhibited a blog reaction to the policy event.  However scientists at Columbia Business School of Broadcasting were divided as one noted “Roberts has exhibited inhuman levels of  smugness for years, he may just simply be an asshole.”