@emzanotti: Power Grab: Is Google Trying to End Copyrights Once and For All? — Artist Rights Watch

Google has targeted music, books, movies and is making a play for an even greater target: television. And they’ve already stacked the government deck in their favor. What’s at stake here? One of the greatest land-grabs in the history of content. And no one is looking.

via @emzanotti: Power Grab: Is Google Trying to End Copyrights Once and For All? — Artist Rights Watch

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  1. I’m “Liking” this not cause I like it, but because it needs to be broadcast! It’s very ironic, and so maddening, to me that some are arrogant enough to equate artists wanting to have control over their creations and their remuneration, with “entitlement”!! Wow! Since when does anyone wanting to be compensated for their work qualify as “entitlement”? Well, that was the conversation centuries ago… it just makes me sick that we as artists get referred to as the “one side” that thinks we should be compensated for our work and have a say about who gets to have it! My work is my work, and if I don’t want you, or anyone, to have it, then you won’t, that is my choice and my prerogative. I really don’t get how we haven’t yet collectively managed to stand up, or respond, to the likes of Google etc who is proposing and marching on about how everyone should have “easy” access to anything created. Everyone is responsible. We’re either evolving or declining, there is no status quo in life. It’s really time to call B.S. on greedy assholes.

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