House Judiciary Committee Proposes Copyright Office Reform That Makes Register of Copyrights Independent of Library of Congress


Faux revolutionaries like Harold “Che Guevara” Feld of the Google Funded  astroturf group Public Knowledge, appear to have overplayed their hands and given creators an independent Copyright Office. 

The House Judiciary Committee is for all practical purposes making the Copyright Office independent of the Library of Congress. We know the devil is in the details.  However this looks like  a victory for creators.   For this will make it that much harder for Google, Silicon Valley and the copyleft “useful idiots” at Ivy League institutions to install an anti-creator copyleft puppet as a Register of Copyrights.  We certainly won’t see a repeat of the retaliatory constructive termination of the Register of Copyrights by a bush league Librarian of Congress.   This is a complete repudiation of the Google/Soros backed Librarian of Congress.

We really should all thank Dr Hayden,  Google and their funded/directed astroturf groups like Public Knowledge,  DPLA, Stanford CIS and EFF for overplaying their hands.   In the end they have given the fired Register everything she wanted.

Read the proposal below.