@katenash: Royalty Deadbeat Snapchat Gets big billions for valuation, but has no licenses?

Kate Nash goes after SnapChat, cause just like TheZuck/Facebook apparently SnapChat has no licenses. Must be nice to be a Silicon Valley Billionaire. You just don’t have to follow the rules that the rest of  us have to follow. It really is torches and pitchforks time.

Music Technology Policy

Kate Nash leads the way for songwriters and artists who are wondering when the income transfer to Big Tech in the collaborative “sharing” economy is going to start getting shared the other direction by these royalty deadbeats.

Snapchat joins the leading Silicon Valley royalty deadbeats like Facebook with a big IPO filing but relying entirely on losing legal theories like the faux “DMCA license” that was a big loser for Cox Communications.  (Ironically, Cox was just ordered to pay BMG’s $8 million and change in legal fees from Cox’s $25 million jury verdict in their losing DMCA defense.)

And how do we know this?  Because Snapchat tells us they do in the

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