Global Songwriter and Composer Organizations Send Open Letter to RIAA Proposing Solution to Massive Failures to Accord Credit and Respect International Laws of Moral Rights

Songwriters have taken exception with the RIAA’s opposition to “the right of attribution.” Opposing attribution plays right into the hands of those seek to weaken copyright. It feeds the narrative that record labels are evil, hurt creators and should be broken up. Why? as the letter forcefully points out, even the Creative Commons foundation, which is generally against stronger copyright, acknowledges attribution as a fundamental right of authors. I believe this is a major strategic mistake by record labels. It is a needlessly divisive position to take at a time when copyright reformers in congress are expecting the creative community to speak with a single voice. As the Brits would say this is an “own goal.’ Geez, where are the grownups?

Music Technology Policy

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An Open Letter

15thAugust 2017

Mr. Cary Sherman
Mr. Mitch Glazier

Via email

Dear Messrs. Sherman and Glazier,

It was with great disappointment that we read the recent RIAA comments to the Copyright Office in connection with moral rights; in particular, with regard to the right of attribution. The RIAA’s argument prioritizes the inconvenience of dealing with accurate metadata over the principle of the protection of the rights of the people upon whose work the music business is built. In our view, and the view of many in the creator community, this is not only irresponsible, it represents a betrayal of the ‘greater common purpose’ to which so many of us are committed—a purpose with which the RIAA claims to agree.

While music creators have greatly appreciated the RIAA’s leadership on, for example, the Music Community submission on…

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