Video: Grassroots Advocacy Panel at University of Georgia Terry College Artists Rights Symposium Jan 23 2018


The UGA Terry College Music Business Certificate Program hosted an Artists’ Rights Symposium Jan 22-23 2018.  Over 250 people attended the symposium. Above is the video of the Grassroots Artists Advocacy Panel.

An Overview of the State of Grassroots Artists’ Rights Advocacy

Mala Sharma, Georgia Music Partners
Blake Morgan, Performer, #IRespectMusic
Miranda Mullholland, Performer, Advocate, Roaring Girl Records
Doria Roberts, Performer, Activist
Rick Carnes, Songwriter, Songwriters Guild
2:30-3:30 PM

In addition to the organization of the grass roots advocacy groups, the panelists discuss; messaging; effective use of social media; consumer education; constructively interacting with federal, state and local government representatives; lobbying for legislation; and discouraging companies from doing business with royalty deadbeats.  Panelists also discuss lessons learned from these successful campaigns and map them onto current problems.