National Security Investigation: TikTok Finds Itself a Stranger in the Alps

Readers of this blog know that we have been focusing on the mass infringing music video site TikTok. This company and employees have utter contempt for artists, yet their service is absolutely useless without our music. What assholes right? What is less well known is that TikTok’s parent ByteDance is a $73 billion Shanghai-based company staffed and moderated by thousands of Chinese Communist Party members.  So essentially this is an arm of the Chinese state propaganda machine.  And these fucks can’t afford to license music?

So it was with some gratification that I saw reports that The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) has opened an investigation into the purchase of (original name of TikTok)  by Byte Dance.  Apparently, a number of congressmen became concerned about TiKTok and asked CFIUS to open an investigation. I’d like to think that all of you that retweeted my thread on TikTok a couple weeks ago had something to do with it.

Byte Me TikTok.