Company Appealing Canadian Site Blocking Ruling Uses Open Media Spambot Tools

Many readers of our blog know the story of the Google proxy Open Media, their subsidiary New/Mode and the spamming of the European Parliament during the debate over the Copyright Directive.  If you are not familiar with the story here are two excellent pieces:  (a good summary). (long but very thorough).

Today Hugh Stephens published an excellent blog on the GoldTV site-blocking case in Canada. I wasn’t aware of the case but Hugh’s opening paragraph is a good summary.

“Last week I wrote about the ground-breaking Federal Court decision that granted the request from Rogers Media, Bell Media and GroupeTVA to issue an injunction requiring Canadian ISPs to block pirated streaming content from offshore content provider GoldTV. This is the first such “site-blocking” order issued in Canada, although such orders are relatively commonplace in a number of other jurisdictions. The order was unopposed by all respondents in the case, which included all of Canada’s major ISPs, and some smaller ones, with the exception of Teksavvy, a small reseller of ISP access based in southern Ontario. Ten days after the order was issued, Teksavvy filed an appeal.”

Teksavvy is a small ISP and has an “net activist” sort of flavor.  They proudly claim to be fighting cable and internet monopolies. As they proclaim on their website:

Good for them.

But anyone who has looked at enough Google proxy websites will note there is something familiar about the style of this website.  Curious I switched to developer view and started searching the code for signs of Open Media et voilà!

A nice little call to action box powered by New/Mode.

I have no idea what this means, but of all the web tools out there for them to use they decide to use a Google proxy?  A disgraced and “outed” Google proxy?  Draw your own conclusions.