Developing… HFA added as Defendant in Amended 8 Mile Spotify Complaint


Amended 8 Mile v Spotify complaint adds Harry Fox Agency as a defendant.  The complaint states:

“HFA’s material contributions to and enablement of Spotify’s infringement through a joint conspiracy with Spotify to distribute fraudulent documents and misrepresentations designed to conceal and enable Spotify’s infringement of the Eight Mile Compositions.”

It continues

“2. As noted, this is, in part, an action for vicarious and contributory infringement brought by Plaintiff against HFA in connection with a scheme to conceal and materially enable Spotify’s copyright infringement by circulating knowingly fraudulent documents (e.g., untimely, and otherwise ineffective Notices of Intention to obtain compulsory mechanical licenses (“NOI’s”) that were intentionally and knowingly backdated to appear as though they were issued on a timely basis, and the fraudulent rendering of purported “royalty” statements) with knowingly false representations to Kobalt Music Services America Inc. (“Kobalt”), the entity authorized to collect royalties from licenses validly made for the Eight Mile Compositions, and to Eight Mile. As discussed herein, Kobalt is not authorized to enter into such licenses for the Eight Mile Compositions for the United States and Canada.”

You can read the entire complaint here.

97. Amended Complaint

At this time it is not known if this will affect the MLC designation of HFA as a service provider.