Pandora Comes Out Of The Closet; Confirms Clear Channel and Pandora “More Than Just Friends’

Editor’s note:  The Internet Radio “Fairness” Coalition Launched yesterday and as we predicted this is just old line radio broadcasters (including Clear Channel) cross-dressing as Internet Radio Broadcasters in attempt to trick public into supporting this bad bill. 

Hey music  business journalists.  Hear that?  It’s the wake the fuck up alarm.  And it’s telling you that The Trichordist was right all along: Pandora is simply bearding for Clear Channel. It says so right here.

This is not about making rates “fair” for Pandora. Pandora already has fair rates, it’s not musicians problem they don’t want to sell more advertising. Pandora plays 1 minute of advertising per hour compared to satellites 13 minutes an hour.

If this bill were really about Pandora getting fair rates why the fuck would  both Pandora and Clear Channel  be supporting this bill?  Do you really think Clear Channel wants to help Pandora steal more audience share from them?  No of course not.    That’s why, by every measure (including wordcount) ,90% of this bill is serious special interest bullshit. Things like:

*Fires Current Copyright Judges

*Mandates what new judges can consider as “evidence”.

*Judges can’t consider previous rulings.  Or as we prefer to call it “the Orwellian He who controls the past controls the future clause.”

*Eliminates requirements judges have experience in copyright or economics.

* Stands the anti-monopoly Sherman Act on it’s head by using it to limit free speech  of performing rights organizations, industry associations, artists guilds even unions.

This bill is so shitty it may achieve the impossible: Bipartisan consensus.

Conservatives hate it cause it’s crony capitalism.  Silicon valley asking the US government to fix their business model.  Most real businesses outside  profitless-innovation-land  (Silicon Valley) negotiate with their suppliers instead of running to the Nanny State to fix their business model.   It’s 2012 Silicon Valley, grow up!

Liberals hate it cause it’s Agency Capture.  These large corporations couldn’t get their way with  the CRB so now they are trying to dismantle the board and remake it in their image.

We ask Tim Westergren to come clean. Quit pretending this fight is about his “cool” internet radio broadcaster being treated unfairly by “uncool” corporate broadcasters like Clear Channel.  You guys are on the same side!  No more bullshit.

The Internet Radio Fairness website was registered way back in June 2012. This has been planned for a while.   “Tim you go first, then we’ll launch this site later”  The contacts are all in Richardson TX. Pandora is not based in Texas.. which of these members of the coalition are based in Texas?.. .hmm.

4 thoughts on “Pandora Comes Out Of The Closet; Confirms Clear Channel and Pandora “More Than Just Friends’

  1. FarePlay has always been about supporting an artists’ digital rights and our focus started out on piracy; then Spotify with their non-transparent dealings with the major record labels, ties to former Napster Executives and predatory compensation agreements for artists.

    Now we have Pandora using their subscriber database, political contributions and lobbyists in Washington to promote their financial agenda for their stockholders at the expense of artists. Let me put this bad behavior in another light. Imagine if General Motors sent out e-mails to all their customers urging them to support a bill that would cut their workers pay and benefits. Call it the Transportation Prosperity Act.

    As we’ve been saying for sometime, why should musicians be short-changed to salvage a failed business plan?

    Now, as David predicted, the other shoe drops and we discover that this is part of a much larger and darker coalition of companies, not the least of which is Clear Channel.

  2. Unfortunately, Trichordist, as I commented before this has been in the planning for quite some time and as I indicated before Pandora is also bearding for Apple. Apple is one of the behind the scenes main coordinators, pulling the strings, funneling their vast resources and connections through the Digital Media Association. See their press release:

    The campaign they have launched is well funded and has most on the major internet players and broadcaster are on board. They have co-ordinate their resources well and even have put together videos and quotes from ill-informed artists who support the bill.

    What the Artists are saying. Internet radio helps fuel artists

    If anyone knows these ill-informed artists we need to get in touch with them, and get them up to speed with the real issues and the ill-consequences it will mean for them and other artists. A public statement from them asking to be removed from the video would be be helpful!


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