UPDATE : Pittsburg Post-Gazette Published Piracy Link

See what happens when you call people out on their foolishness?  Things get fixed.

On wednesday we called out The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and their TV critic Rob Owens for instructing readers in how to get bootleg DVDs from an illegal website in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

As a result they took action.  They removed the offending link and the copyright theft inducing language.

While we applaud the Post-Gazette for taking this action.  It would be super extra nice if they alerted and apologized to their readers for sending them to a site  that appears to be co-located  with various scam and terror sites.  Hopefully none  of the Post-Gazette’s readers  gave this site their credit card numbers or personal information.

And  thank you to our readers who alerted us to this story.  Here is the link to the original post:


And then we got this nice letter from Kate Parry Assistant Managing Editor/Special Projects and Features Star Tribune Minneapolis. They also ran this story because they syndicate Owen’s column.

Dear Mr. Lowery,
Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us about the reference in the Rob Owen tv column to the piracy website. Mike Klingensmith forwarded your email. We’ve removed that paragraph from the column. Owen is a writer for the newspaper in Pittsburgh and his column comes to us through a syndication service and feeds into the website. We’ll keep an eye on his columns in the future to see if any other references show up. I’d welcome you to contact us any time you see something that appears to be amiss on our website.


Kate Parry
Assistant Managing Editor/Special Projects and Features
Star Tribune