Music Technology Policy

I was struck by a continuing theme during the recent hearing on “Music Licensing Part One: Legislation in the 112th Congress” before the House IP Subcommittee (the “IRFA hearing”).  Mr. Chaffetz wants to do the right thing but he got some really bad advice.  There were flickers of connections between Mr. Chaffetz’ questions and other statements by the usual suspects (and many Google Shill Listers) none of whom really know anything about the music business but all of whom “make stuff up” (to paraphrase the classic words of David Lowery at the Future of Music policy conference).

For example, Mr. Chaffetz asked Jimmy Jam whether Jimmy thought that the allocation of royalties among the sound recording owners, featured artists and nonfeatured artists was “fair.”  Now why would he ask that question and why was he surprised that Jimmy did think the allocation was fair?  The issue was not part of the bill and to my knowledge…

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