Weekly Recap News & Links Sunday December 9, 2012

Grab the coffee!

Happy Holidays, it’s been a slow week at The Trichordist following the ongoing IRFA and RSC meltdowns…


The Drum:
* New international reports will name and shame brands which advertise on websites that feature pirated film and music content

Background Briefing with Ian Masters:
* Is the Door Closing for Musicians in Digital Age?

* Selling the Canadian government and wives on the same networks : demand accountability now
* Let the social media Cola Wars begin
* Istagram pulls twitter integration, need to puff their own site stats to ‘monetize’ and keep investors happy

Paid Content:
* If you want to hurt pirates, target their ad money says rockstar

Seeking Alpha:
* Pandora, The Underpants Gnomes, And Sirius XM

Vox Indie:
* (Another) Misleading Study (Sort of) Claiming Piracy is Good for the Movie Biz…
* Google Search #FAIL Means More $$$ for Them

* Does Copyright Involve Scarcity?

Ethical Fan:
* Torrent Freak: US BitTorrent Traffic Grows 40% from 2011 (Sandvine)

Torrent Freak:
* NZBMatrix Shuts Down Citing Piracy Troubles
* Record Labels go to High Court to Force More ISPs to Block Pirate Bay
* Pirate Bay Proxy Loses Domain Name to Anti-Piracy Boss

Digital Music News:
* US Album Sales Down Just 4% On the Year…
* iTunes 11: Be Very Afraid, Spotify…
* Major Labels: We Spend Up to $1.4 Million Developing a New Artist…

The Illusion of More :
* The Opaqueness of Transparency
* Why isn’t the Internet breaking?
* Google Protects IP (its own)

The Washington Post:
* Justice Department meets with firms seeking Google antitrust probe

Business Insider:
* Google Is One Vote Away From Being Slammed With A Massive Anti-Trust Suit By The FTC