Top 10 Reasons People Use To Justify Pirating Digital Content (And Why They’re Wrong) | Lit Reactor

Book authors are now learning what it’s been like to be a musician for the past decade.

Pirating digital content is illegal. Full stop.

Yet people continually steal eBooks and movies and television shows and treat it like it’s no big deal. There’s a couple of reasons it happens: Torrenting is easy and the chance of getting caught is low. And saving money is fun, especially when the economy isn’t at its strongest. But the biggest reason was summed up perfectly by Devin Faraci of Badass Digest (who tweeted the following while I was writing this, and I couldn’t possibly say it better myself):

In our culture today people think they deserve their entertainment, not that it’s a perk.

An eBook is a luxury, not a right. If you can’t afford it, too bad, but that’s life.

Still, people excuse the practice of pirating with a plethora of ridiculous reasons that don’t hold up to scrutiny. I have yet to hear a single legitimate argument in favor of it. Here’s the ones I’ve heard so far–and why they’re complete nonsense: