Synchronized #TeamSpotify Blogger Dave Allen @DaveAtNORTH Reveals His Choice For 4th Horseman of the Spotocalypse!

Last week I wrote about the curious seemingly synchronized Pro-Spotify swimming – er I mean blogging by Jay Frank, Dave Allen and Bob Lefsetz.  Their seemingly synchronized attacks come whenever an artist speaks out about the abysmal royalties paid by multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley firms.   In Particular the 5.6 billion dollar on-demand streaming company Spotify.

They performed this seemingly synchronized swimming routine with me.  And more recently they did it to David Byrne.

Because of this, I good naturedly poked fun at the three.   Partly because there were only 3 of them.  I dubbed them the 3 horsemen of the Spotocalypse.

You see if 6 is the number of the beast then 3 is the number of the comedian.

“Dave Allen, Bob Lefsetz and Daniel Eck walk into a liquidity event”

3 is snot a serious number.

In my piece I  suggested that no one would ever take them seriously until they had a fourth member.  The Four Horseman of the Spotocalypse!   You see four is an extremely masculine and world changing number.

The Fantastic Four.  Masculine

The Fab Four.  Masculine and World Changing.

98 Degrees.  Masculine, world changing and they perform with their shirts off!

While our readers suggested that they add Kim Jong Un the dictator of North Korea as the fourth horseman we now see that Dave Allen has implicity revealed their choice for the 4th Horseman of the Spotocalpyse. 

<drumroll>  The envelope inside the  YouTube Music Award Cake please <drum crash>

“The 4th member of the Spotocalypse is Tim Quirk from Google.   <applause><cue music> <cue weird Greta Gerwig dance >

I’ve got to admit we were wrong.   This is an inspired choice.  Tim is both Cuddly and Angry.    Good work guys!  We really didn’t see that coming!

Oh and by the way Dave Allen by what measure are you “winning” and we are “losing the battle and the war?”  Let’s check the facts.

*The Scooby Doo gang killed Pandoras Internet Radio Fairness Act.

*There are now around the clock saturation stories examining Spotify’s seemingly meager royalties.

* The white house set up a task force on ad supported piracy.

And we did it with no secret corporate cash, subsidized travel expenses and we didn’t set up a 501 3(C).  We’ve not lost the battle or the war. Frankly it lots a lot like we are winning.

Finally Dave,cut the straw man argument crap!  You are just as bad as Tim.

Straw Man Argument:  Your critics want to  “keep music confined to a round, shiny disc that costs $18.99.”

Dave.  No one is saying that.  But go ahead.  Show me one example of your critics saying that.   Don’t you have business connections to Google through Cash Music?  Google should be able to snoop in someones gmail and find someone saying that?  Right? I mean if it really happend.

(Isn’t  that the purpose of those not-so secret barges that Google is building?  To sit in international waters and snoop our email beyond the reach of  US wiretapping laws?  )

One again Dave, Artists are simply asking for fair pay from these digital services.  Failing that we want the right to withdraw from these services. Nothing else.  You can’t just make shit up.

One thought on “Synchronized #TeamSpotify Blogger Dave Allen @DaveAtNORTH Reveals His Choice For 4th Horseman of the Spotocalypse!

  1. have seen the gang up against anti-spotifyers as well. it’s always the same ridicule… we’re not in step with the times… we’re stuck in the dark ages to even think about making a cd’s worth of material… we’re not delivering the goods.
    i’d bet that anyone who has the ignorance to say this has never received a bmi or ascap check in their lives, never received a royalty statement from a record company, and is probably doing it all for some brief and meaningless relationship to feel ‘in step’, or possibly a lot more than that. who would ever know.
    the business is beyond lies now and this is THE greatest rock & roll swindle of all time, happening right in front of our very eyes. bob lefsetz promotes spotify in one post, then knocks katy perry’s marginal first week sales in another… champions bringing the middle class back to america from those evil entrepreneur types, while the mid-level artist is dead in the water he supports; all because a handful of artists like psy, bieber and miley have gone viral enough to see a fair payment for a billion plays. oh if we could just download a burger king for pennies and let the mom and pops die, wouldn’t that be progress? thud.

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