Google Buys Nest™ Renames it SkyNest™ —-Joking, Sort of.

“They know when you’ve been sleeping, they know when you’re awake”

Who needs the NSA when you’ve got Google?  Now they are in your home.

Google has announced that  they have bought “smart” (read spying) thermostat maker Nest.  As reported in the NY Times:

“Google likes to know everything they can about us, so I suppose devices that are monitoring what’s going on in our homes is another excellent way for them to gather that information,” said Danny Sullivan, a longtime Google analyst and a founding editor of Search Engine Land. “The more they’re tied into our everyday life, the more they feel they can deliver products we’ll like and ads.”

Nest’s products track not just a home’s temperature and the presence of smoke but also when people wake up, leave and return home. By incorporating hardware and software and using sensors and algorithms to learn behavior, they program themselves and can be controlled remotely with a smartphone.

Google apologists are already incorrectly reporting that Nest’s privacy polices won’t change.   This is wrong. Google privacy policies must and do extend to all of their products.  If Gmail will scan private attorney-client emails  to pitch advertising do you think Google will treat your Nest data any differently?

And when those privacy policies do change?  It’s gonna cost Nest owners a couple hundred bucks to get Google out of their houses.  When you bought that Nest product  you weren’t giving the NSA Inc -er I mean Google permission to enter your house.   But make no mistake Larry Page is now in da house. Permissionless Innovation at it’s finest.

Help Electronic Frontier Foundation!  Our privacy is being invaded by Google!   Oh wait. I forgot the EFF gets millions from Google and Facebook. They aren’t gonna help.