Finally, a Google Whistleblower, Part 1

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Americans are freedom loving people, and nothing says freedom like getting away with it.

From A Long Long Time by Guy Forsyth

The thing about public relations is that it works.  When famous personalities or executives have very carefully cultivated public images, large numbers of people come to be emotionally invested in them, a kind of mass hysteria.  Rarely does anyone criticize them in any sustained way.  Such a critic would have to be willing to withstand a lot of abuse and most people just aren’t cut out for that.

For a prosecutor to be able to even open an investigation into such people takes a lot of juice.  And that prosecutor had better be able to make their case successfully because such people will fight to the bitter end.  As they should.  But in some cases, their fight will not only be in the courtroom, not only in the…

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