“They’ve Manufactured That Consent, Because They Need That Consent…And We’re Gonna Blow It Up.” [video] | NYCRuen

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  1. I.M.O. most creators and innovators have their creative life sucked out them thru corporate agendas. Amazon for example:
    Money from 3rd party Amazon marketplace sellers has never gone into the creators bank account. Most items are still available for sale on Amazon thru 3rd party marketplace sellers even if they are out of print or production for years or only sold on the copyright holders own page, especially indie music, books and movies. Removing an item for sale off of an Amazon list page is practically impossible. Amazon gets a cut of sales thru many seemingly shady 3rd party marketplace sales with the likes of: Daily Deals USA and Amazon’s own Goodwill Books, when notified by copyright holders to take down the items on the Amazon list page. Amazon many times will not remove these items in question. Also, when an artist or indie publisher hits the accept button to publish on Amazon-Createspace they are agreeing to only arbitrate with Amazon not in a real court with the hopes of an impartial judge handling the case. If the artist or even the copyright holder lose they must pay Amazon for “damages.”
    Furthermore, even if a copyright holder or artist decides not to use Amazon as a publisher Amazon many times simply will still list the item on Amazon’s site allowing 3rd party marketplace sellers to sell the item in question. Amazon also now has a patent to sell used Mp3 and Mp4′s which means Amazon can resell music and movie files as used, virtually stealing copyrights through first sale doctrine. Now Mr. Bezo creates Amazon S3 storage for all creators to sign up and pay to store their newest innovations and art on his Amazon cloud. Please pay close attention to binding agreement 6.4 and 6.5 concerning arbitration and Amazon’s cloud liability:
    Amazon drones could soon deliver us all knock offs. lol.
    some more links of interest:

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