RESPECT Act: SoundExchange Takes Steps to Protect Artists from Sirius XM and Pandora

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We’ve seen quite a bit of “new boss” activity this week:  Google screwing indie labels, Amazon screwing authors and now yet another missed opportunity for Sirius and Pandora to demonstrate that they care about the artists who deliver them riches.  Yes, it’s that old and unimproved digital radio, now with even more exploitation.  Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

This time, however, Sirius and Pandora are behaving so badly that it requires passing new legislation just to get their noses up to the fair compensation line.  SoundExchange is taking steps to protect “legacy” artists from the most recent attack on artist royalties from Sirius XM and Pandora. Why?  Because Pandora and Sirius want to use recordings from pre-1972 without respecting the artists enough to pay them royalties, not to mention getting a license.

And pre-72 recordings are…well, how to say it?  The entire legacy of contemporary music…

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