YouTube Bullying Tactics Results in Indie Labels Taking Fight to Brussels and UK Government

Music Technology Policy

MTP readers will recall YouTube’s bully boy tactics against indie labels–threatening to cut off indie label access to Google’s YouTube monopoly if the labels didn’t take the hillbilly deal for a new Google music streaming service.

The indies have aligned with the Featured Artist Coalition (can the publishers be far behind?) and are launching complaints with the UK government soon to be followed by a formal complaint with the European Union Competition Commission in Brussels.  This is not a good look for Google as Google has been trying to thimblerig their way into a settlement with the EC Competition Commission for several years to avoid significant penalties in the billions of dollars.  That settlement is predicated on Google being misunderstood little kiddies who just love unicorns and Birkenstocks.

Already failing with a broad coalition of consumer groups in Europe, other EC officials and elected representatives, Google’s hoped for settlement is…

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