T Bone Burnett’s plea: The piper must be paid| LA Times

Fans can still hear the work of America’s musical pioneers, thanks to online and mobile services. Through downloads and streams and services such as Pandora and Sirius XM Radio, these giants’ recordings continue to captivate and influence young musicians, singers, songwriters and producers.

Yet some of these same companies have made the decision to devalue the music of these artists for their own profit by not paying for it. In doing this, they devalue the substance of their own medium. For the last 20 years we’ve witnessed an assault on the arts by the technology community — especially when it comes to music.

This devaluation is troubling because music is not only the creation of people who make this art for us; it is how they earn a living. Music is how they feed their kids and provide for their futures.


One thought on “T Bone Burnett’s plea: The piper must be paid| LA Times

  1. Another aspect of this that came up in Del Palmer’s discussion of the scalping of the tickets for Kate Bush’s upcoming concert is the prices are skyrocketing as the other sources of revenue dry up. What legitimate price hikes are coming are then marked up even further by the scalpers. No matter how one slices the pie the costs of pecans are passed along and amplified. No free lunch.

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