Why is Billboard Writer Defending Pandora Radio On Anti-Gay Politician Contributions?

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You can see the whole conversation here. 

Why is Billboard writer defending Pandora Radio on Founder, CEO, 1/2 the Board and other top executives giving money to anti-gay politician Jason Chaffetz.  You know the guy that tried to nullify a bunch of same sex marriages in Washington DC?  I really don’t’ understand why the writer is “helping” me or Pandora Radio on this one.  The Billboard writer could easily go on record and explain the “nuances” of why Pandora apparently chose a well known anti-gay demagogue to sponsor their Orwellian named  Internet Radio Fairness Act. How does this soomehow this makes the $13,000 dollars they gave this politician ok.   And why is Billboard demanding that I soften this story?

Just saying…

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4 thoughts on “Why is Billboard Writer Defending Pandora Radio On Anti-Gay Politician Contributions?

  1. Glenn Peoples – Let me see if I can figure out the “nuance” of this situation. Pandora doesn’t care if Jason Chaffetz is anti-gay marriage fanatic or wants to kill all puppies born in May as long as Chaffetz supports something that is in the best interest of the Pandora bottom line. Did I get the “nuance” right Glenn?

    • Whitewash. Amazing. Peoples and billboard are PR arm of Pandora. No mention of the five other key executives and board members. No mention of Chaffetz various bills and comments.

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