“Baghdad Bob” Lefsetz Hilariously Claims “Streaming Has Won” as Taylor Swift Sells 1.3 Million Albums

Bob Lefsetz CMW 2009

“Streaming has won…”-Lefsetz commenting on Taylor Swift’s  1.3 million first week album sales, an album not released on Spotify or other streaming services. (Photo Christopher Harte CC)

This is just a quick note.  I try not give Bob Lefsetz any oxygen… but has anyone else noticed how much Lefsetz and the rest of the usual pro-streaming suspects have begun to resemble the former Iraqi Information Minister “Baghdad Bob?”   They can’t seem to face up to the obvious fact:

 Taylor Swift’s “windowing” of her album has increased sales and revenue!  First platinum record all year.

And should we be surprised? Windowing leads to increased revenue in the TV and Film business why wouldn’t it work for music?

This is actually a rather boring and mundane observation only made interesting by the current irrationality of the music business.  It’s only interesting because so many music business executives and journalists have completely drank the koolaid and refuse to believe that streaming cannibalizes sales. That streaming as it stands now (everything available for free) is really bad for the music revenue.   Reading the music business headlines in the wake of Swift’s feat is like watching some sort of religious cult have a mass nervous breakdown.

“Oh no  the spaceship did come! It whisked all the true believers away. It was right over there.  You just didn’t see it? That’s  because you didn’t believe!  Why am I still here? uh …”

Here’s Lefsetz in the face of Taylor Swift’s 1.3 million first weeks sales,  a feat not accomplished since Napster was around:

 Selling a million copies a week in a country of 300 million people is a blip on the radar screen, but owning the news cycle, even trumping the World Series, is priceless.

As for Spotify…

Acts come and go, institutions remain.

Hilarious stuff if you consider that Lefsetz declared her career pretty much over with during a well publicized spat he had with her in 2010.   Payback’s a bitch isn’t it Bob?


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4 thoughts on ““Baghdad Bob” Lefsetz Hilariously Claims “Streaming Has Won” as Taylor Swift Sells 1.3 Million Albums

  1. Lefsetz has an interesting stream of consciousness approach to writing and confuses the hell out of me. If nothing else he is a shameless plugger of Spotify and all things digital. Somehow I can’t envision him melding with the millennials, but that’s where he seems to see himself. Now, Daniel ‘Astral Weeks’ Ek’s another story.

    He also has a penchant for deli’s and michelin tires.

  2. I’m hoping that more artists do this.If Spotify has no new music,then they can only stream catalog. Artists should demand the right to reject Spotify and Pandora in their contracts until they pay the same amount per play that terrestial radio stations do through BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC.Does the CEO of Spotify work for free? Neither should recording artists. If people are too cheap to pay for the music they like, then f*ck ’em.We’ve got nothing to lose.

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