Taylor Swift Says No To The New Boss. Pulls Recordings From Spotify (and other streaming services).

If streaming is so good for artists  why is it that artists that control their own recordings opt to “opt out” of streaming services?

Black Keys

Thom Yorke

David Byrne

Now Taylor Swift.  This story is blowing up big time.   Expect the streaming services and their record company allies to “activate” their shills against Taylor Swift in the next couple of days. This is what they do every time a prominent artist speaks out.

Watch this space here cause as that happens, this time we are gonna call them out.

The only reason that the major record labels and big indies supported streaming is because THEY ALL GOT EQUITY IN SPOTIFY.   Did other public advocates of streaming also accept monetary compensation?  As noted in previous articles on the Trichordist it is becoming apparent that there are a lot of folks posing as “disinterested” parties that had a financial interest in the success of Spotify.  That is why we can’t wait for the Spotify IPO.  It will reveal who got paid off.   Though it’s doubtful that commercial bribery statutes will apply in most cases, expect some artist lawsuits against their labels. The labels after all took something of monetary value (equity) against artists albums without counting these revenue produced by these albums.

On the bright side.  Maybe the idiots who couldn’t do simple math and got us into this mess will finally lose their jobs.  See article below

Why is $5 a month streaming good for artists?  Because 1/2 the record executives will lose their jobs! Yeah!



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3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Says No To The New Boss. Pulls Recordings From Spotify (and other streaming services).

  1. Taylor Swift with 46 million followers on Twitter, I guess the word is going to get out on this one.

    Any artist that is willing to say “NO” to a bad deal has my respect. Artists need to realize that they do have the power and that exposure, while having value, guarantees nothing. Being one of hundreds of thousands of artists on Spotify is meaningless for most.

    Great music has value and is not created just to sell advertising for somebody else.

    Whose next?

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