Music Industry Press: There Must Be “Male” Reasons Behind Taylor Swift’s Spotify Decision

This is getting funny now.

Journalists are now reporting the “real reason” that Taylor Swift has opted to “window” her albums on Spotify.  That is, her public statements about “free” devaluing all music and hurting all artists are not good enough.  So the (mostly male) journalists have gone on quest for a male “self-interest” kind of truth.  Because after all Men are certainly making the real decisions here.

Business Insider (which is neither) seems to have first reported the “Real reason” that Ms. Swift chose not to put her albums on Spotify.  According to Business Insider it was Ms Swift’s record label “boss” who  pulled Ms Swift’s music from Spotify  (BTW a label she and her family own),  The article cited an unnamed  “industry source familiar with firsthand knowledge of why and how this happened, and who is most responsible.”   The article goes on to explain without attribution that the label “boss” is trying to sell the record label.  Increasing sales (a tacit admission that Spotify decreases sales) and hence the value of the label was cited as “his” motivation.  Business Insider did not explain why Big Machine’s other artists including megastars  Florida Georgia Line are still on Spotify.

You see it can’t possibly be

1) A female artist making  business decisions or….

2) Action altruistically  motivated by Ms. Swift’s previously stated feelings on the exploitative nature of free music.

Nope these dudes have to take the long way around the verifiable facts, and rest their entire story on anonymous sources and rumors.

Now virtually every major publication is repeating Business Insider’s anonymous unsourced claims.

“Real” indeed.


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