Profitable Female Artists Being Told By Money Losing Digital Services They Don’t Understand Business

Does anyone else find this infuriating?

Three female artistes,  Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift have now withheld their music from Streaming services.  We have to assume that this was at least partially a business decision.  As should be all artists right, they have chosen to monetize their music without using the streaming services.

Objectively these three female artists are enormously successful and run profitable businesses.

Yet these money-losing streaming services and their (mostly male) journalist supporters seem to be telling these women they don’t understand business?

It would be funny if it was an Onion article.  It’s not.



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2 thoughts on “Profitable Female Artists Being Told By Money Losing Digital Services They Don’t Understand Business

  1. Taylor Swift was able to use streaming for revenue when sales were low and as a promotional tool leading up to a windowed release. It’s reverse radio, where the radio station pays you to play your music.

    Let’s break it down a bit more, since I know David loves math…I hope mine holds up.

    She sold roughly 1.3M units of her album in the first week. Almost $16M in revenue. She’s #1 on iTunes, and now has 4 albums on the iTunes 200. So likely she’s seeing boosts of her entire catalogue wherever people buy music in both digital and physical forms.

    According to numbers out of Musically, her catalogue was earning her roughly $84k a week on Spotify, which is great for an artist her size without any new releases. However, in one week she’s generated at least 190 weeks worth of revenue from Spotify by pulling her catalogue and windowing.

    Even if her sales peter out over the next week or so and over the next month, she’s done very well. Say she only sells 3 million total, it would take her over a year of sustained plays on Spotify to match that revenue. After that she can throw her catalogue back into Spotify and make her $84k a week.

    In fact any artist of note…windowing could be a very smart strategy for releasing new work. You leave the catalogue in streaming as you build to a new release and then pull a bunch of it to capitalize on the impulse sale.

    And thanks to all the media writing how stupid she is…they’ve only massively increased her media profile for free. She’s at the top of all search results and trends on social media.

    She looks pretty fucking smart to me.

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