Music Organization That includes Sony, Universal and Warner Declares Google Piracy Demotion Efforts Successful.

You know there’s not room for all of you to have jobs in Silicon Valley…  Right?…

Besides why would any Silicon Valley company hire the cast off dregs of the record industry?  They have the brightest students from the best universities in the world clamoring to work for them…   Why would they hire someone who thinks that The New York Times of torrenting  (TorrentFreak) is an objective source on piracy?….  You guys really are as dumb as you look.  Hey wait,  aren’t you the guys who got us into this shit anyway? … No,.I don’t know if Deezer is hiring…Yes you probably have to speak french….

Oh sorry.  I didn’t know this thing was on.

If you don’t know by now  The Music Business Organization (Formerly NARM)  just sent it’s members a letter proclaiming that Google has finally begun to demote pirate sites–wait for it— citing a TorrentFreak article!!!!!!  Hahahahahaha!  BTW this “fact” is objectively and demonstrably false.   Next the Music Business Organizaton presented to it’s members some sort of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scam-er uh “service” to members.   Is MBO run from some call center in the Philippines?  What’s next? Will they be calling telling me my auto repair warranty is almost up?

The Music Business Organization is a clown car.   There are no grownups.  The entire recorded music business is run by morons.

On the bright side none of them will have jobs in 2 years.


Dear Cathy TurrYou may have already read about the latest Google anti-piracy report and their commitment to modify the demotion signal to make it more effective. If not, we encourage you to do so that the link below:

Preliminary results are in and it looks like the recent changes had a meaningful impact.  Many of the pirate sites that consistently appeared at the top of mp3 and download searches are no longer in the top results.  You can read more at

We are optimistic that Google’s changes in the demotion signal will cause persistent infringers to move down in search. However, this will only be meaningful if legitimate results are there to take their place.

Now would be a great time to refocus your efforts on SEO so your licensed offerings appear ahead of new and smaller infringing sites who will be working hard to improve their own rankings.

Tips for how your music site or service can do better in terms of Search Engine Optimization can be found in the following two infographics released by Music Biz:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a Music Biz staff member.