Spotify “Swift Boats” Swift: MusicAlly Reports Spotify Was Taking Hardline Position.

Turns out the biggest music story of the year is actually just a false “swift boat” style attack. And the truth is

Taylor Swift did not pull her back catalogue albums from all streaming services!  She is still available on Beats and other paid subscription services.

With the exception of a few Journalists (notably Stuart Dredge of the Guardian) no one seems to have noticed this very important fact.

Further Dredge is reporting (on that Spotify took the hardline position:

So it’s about whether streaming services are willing to make some albums only available on demand to their paying subscribers, and not to their free users. Spotify is maintaining a hardline policy on this – it won’t take an album unless it’s available to all its users – and that’s the sticking point with Swift, as it has been before with some other artists.

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One thought on “Spotify “Swift Boats” Swift: MusicAlly Reports Spotify Was Taking Hardline Position.

  1. What’s really fascinating about Spotify’s position here is that HBO and other premium television services long ago realized that it was precisely having content not available on free services that drove people to become subscribers. What’s more upsetting, however, is that despite this success for Taylor Swift, no artists on major labels (unless they retained control of their digital rights) will be able to replicate this as majors want everything on Spotify to increase the value of their equity stake!

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