Maybe Pandora Founder is Building 17 Bedroom 14 Bath Mansion to House all the Songwriters and Performers he Made Homeless?

Locals in the lovely fishing village of Inverness CA  ( I shot half a video there) are up in arms wondering just what Pandora founder Tim Westergren is doing with an old Russian Monastery.  Google Street View here.

As The San Jose Mercury News reports.

Judging from the many letters of opposition that have been sent to county planners, most residents are aghast at the size of the 8,297-square-foot project, which would have 14 bathrooms and up to 17 “functional” bedrooms, according to critics, and would be up to four times larger than the median-sized house in this community of remodeled summer homes, weekend cottages, rustic cabins and modest single-family dwellings.

Westergren says his plans call for nine bedrooms total, but the Inverness Association, an 84-year-old organization of property owners and preservationists, concludes that the second unit “functions as a six-bedroom, two bath housing unit with detached two-car garage” and the septic systems have been sized to service 11 bedrooms in the main residence and six bedrooms in the second unit. (read more)

Some are speculating that rather than a house he intends to open a boutique hotel. 

We have have another suggestion:

  Westergren can use the property to house the songwriters he has made homeless by his relentless war on songwriters and performers.

Tim Westergren making 1 million a month in stock sales

And look at the other Pandora insiders selling stock like crazy!