Liar Liar Streams On Fire #1: Survey Suggests Spotify Has Peaked Among Key Demo

We’ve got data.  Lots of data.  We have two different consumption surveys of college students and one of the broader population.  We’ve also got the details of 2014 digital revenues from a moderately sized independent catalogue.

While everyone else wildly speculates we’re gonna show you our data.  All this week.

This is not pie in the sky projections from the VPs of “digital” at your record label or distributor.   This is what is really happening.  And you know you can’t trust these digital executives, right? They have been objectively and demonstrably wrong on so many things.  We suspect they are now  just making shit up to try to cover their asses (or looking for jobs at the streaming services.) See: Who will be the first executive to lose their job over the streaming fiasco?

Here’s todays installment:

An informal semi-longitudinal survey of students at a large public university shows that overall use of the Spotify is already falling among a key demo. Further revenue from paid subscriptions for the service appears to have already peaked for this important group.   This appears to be the result of students switching from the $9.99 service to the $4.99 service.  Or put another way Spotify is cannibalizing it’s own paying subscribers resulting in lower revenues even as it loses overall popularity with these students.   Genius.


Spotify subcribers and revenue down