We Were Right, CMA and Billboard Were Wrong On Streaming Cannibalization.


It’s illogical Captain. Why would people buy what they already get for free?   

It’s just math folks.  Nothing personal.  We were right. You were wrong. Even UMG which once broadly supported free ad supported streaming has concluded it doesn’t work.  The top two executives who led their digital initiatives resigned this week.

It’s over.  Let’s move forward.



Wait, you STILL want to argue with us? Dudes. This is getting to be like the “Cheney was behind Sept 11th Attacks,” “the moon landing was faked” or “Obama has a fake birth certificate” arguments.  You are starting to sound like the flat earth  society. 

It defies logic.  In what universe did you think that offering folks access to songs for free (albeit ad supported) wasn’t gonna cut  into sales and revenue?  Basic behavioral economics dudes.

There is an honest argument about streaming out there.   The argument is that streaming revenues (in certain cases)  will more than make up for the lost sales. And I’ll give you that.  With “windowing” and “transactional streaming” I bet there is  emerging evidence that this sort of streaming has been good  for movies and television.   But the honest argument IS NOT “Streaming” increases sales as Billboard and the  Country Music Association research department recently argued.   That’s some flat-earth superstition.  Have some self respect y’all.

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  1. An artist that streams their music is just as dumb as if Mercedes charged $100.00 a month to drive any Benz you want. How long would Mercedes be in business?

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