This is Your Brand, This is Your Brand On @YouTube & @MediaComUS: @AnheuserBusch Advertising on ISIS Videos

YouTube is a cesspool of videos unsuitable for your children or your brand.    Here it appears the geniuses at MediaCom. Along with the geniuses at YouTube ran a bunch of ads on an ISIS lone wolf training video.  As CNN reports:

“Jennifer Aniston lauds the benefits of Aveeno, Bud Light shows off beer at a concert, and Secret sells its freshly scented deodorant.
Pretty standard commercials, but what’s different is the content that comes after. In this case, they’re all followed by ISIS and jihadi videos.
Terrorism analyst Mubin Shaikh said one video is part of an ongoing propaganda series that ISIS produces and another is a jihadi-themed video.
Video sites like YouTube sell ad time to companies, and the ads get automatically inserted before the videos play. Advertisers don’t directly control where their ads are placed although they can specify the demographics they’d like to target.”…  read more here.

What happens to the money generated by these videos?   This is literally BLOOD MONEY.  Does Google keep it?  We asked this question over and over again.  No one will answer.

With the March 23rd YouTube Music Awards coming up,  will there be a category for “Best Jihadi Lone Wolf Training Video?”




2 thoughts on “This is Your Brand, This is Your Brand On @YouTube & @MediaComUS: @AnheuserBusch Advertising on ISIS Videos

  1. I believe this is YouTube’s responsibility to find out which videos this propaganda is coming and if they won’t do anything about it the government (US) needs to step in. Having ads on my own YouTube videos I know that you can put any kind of demographic you want. So in other words, Aveeno could be advertising toward woman in a certain demographic and if these videos have similar keywords (which are not related it all) then Aveeno gets put in that spot. So it’s really out of their hands other than giving YouTube hell for it, which they should if that’s the case. If word gets out that this is happening, (Avenno may not even know about it yet) then those companies will drop YouTube as an advertising medium faster than your head can spin. The ball is really in YouTubes court to find a way to prevent this from happening.

  2. Indeed yes. Don’t waste time complaining to YouTube. These people dwell in a zone where there’s no oxygen for a human conscience. Complain to the advertisers. They may still have some capacity for shame. If not, they will certainly fear any whiff of consumer boycott.

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