Indie Band @excops Goes After McDonald’s for “Play for Food” SXSW “Exposure Showcase”

Remember when we called out McDonald’s for advertising on pirate sites?  (And remember how they never responded?)

Well, continuing McDonald’s tradition of screwing over artists and songwriters, the company is also refusing to pay artists ANYTHING for playing at McDonald’s SXSW showcase.  This is almost as good as “free beer and hugs” except it’s free food and exposure.  And McDonald’s has the gall to end their response with a “#slownewsday”

Slow news day?  Like the only reason anyone cares about artists being screwed over by megacorporations is because it’s a slow news day?  Hey Ronald McDonald, have you met Daniel Ek?

Is this what it’s come down to?  Free food and insults?

Apparently not–ExCops responded with a hearty fuck you.

A must read post by the band on their Facebook page

Read Stereogum (and a bunch of others including the New York Times):

Ex Cops Blast McDonald’s For Offering Its SXSW Talent Exposure Instead Of Money

Rolling Stone:

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  1. What, not even a happy meal voucher? Well, it’s often been said that Scots are tight with their pennies. I guess McDonalds are no exception.

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