Maybe @NPR Just Doesn’t Pay Vice President For Policy and Representation Enough

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.05.38 PMI have to say I was a little disappointed when I saw these figures.  This has to be the guy behind NPRs move to join the   I mean even in the non-profit world of DC you’d think the Vice President for Policy and Representation would earn more than $211K a year.  I mean many of his colleagues are pulling down twice this amount.    Is it possible that NPR is in this mess because they just couldn’t afford to hire someone else?  I mean good Washington DC counsel doesn’t come cheap.   Maybe their move to join Pandora, Google, Clear Channel and the National Association of Broadcasters in urging congress to slash artists royalties is a sensible move after all!

Ah, it’s all fun and games until some local affiliate has a really shitty pledge drive.

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Platinum selling singer songwriter for the bands Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven; platinum selling producer; founder of pitch-a-tent records; founder Sound of Music Studios; platinum selling music publisher; angel investor; digital skeptic; college lecturer and founder of the University of Georgia Terry College Artists' Rights Symposium.