Darth Vader not Available So NPR Hires Same Lawyer That Represents Pandora Against Songwriters

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How did we miss this before.  Just discovered this choice little gem on the Copyright Society website.  NPR has hired Ken Steinthal to represent them in the Copyright Royalty Board hearing (happening right now). As predicted looks like he is arguing for lower rates for NPR. (They already enjoy substantially lower rates than commercial radio). More on this later.   But this looks like a smoking gun to me.  NPR really has sold out artists.

5 thoughts on “Darth Vader not Available So NPR Hires Same Lawyer That Represents Pandora Against Songwriters

  1. I have listened to NPR and supported them. I even wrote my representatives encouraging them to maintain and even increase public funding as I found their coverage superior. After this I will be writing my representatives to suggest they eliminate funding. I do not want to see my tax money go to an organization that is willfully attempting to remove my constitutional rights as a creator.

  2. I think it’s time to organize a campaign against artist donations to NPR.
    Let’s Trott jay-z Alicia Keys and Madonna out onto the stage and get very public.
    it’s time to fight fire with fire

  3. DC, this is great leg work you’ve done! Though, I feel a bit like we’ve kinda got a closed feedback loop going here. Is there an NPR blog or such that folks could start dropping this conversation into? I’d think this all VERY embarrassing (especially the executive salaries of a Gov. funded non-profit!) for NPR if their members were hipped up to this legislated larceny! If the dialog ever makes it to Trad. press things might get very ticklish for NPR if that were to happen. Like right during pledge drive season! NPR is wrong on SO MANY levels it’s stunning!

  4. I think this coalition is aptly named. “MIC Coalition” sounds like “McCoalition”, which is exactly what they are: cheap and superficially appealing, but when you look beneath the bun, you see how fake it really is. Want Mcfries with that?

    1. This is the comment I made on npr website.
      The story is of Ben king’s passing.
      Sad. This passing of a great talent, however music in its entirety is being killed. NPR just joined Google Amazon pandora and the other tech giants via the mic coalition to stop artists from getting paid fairly.
      they even hired Pandora’s lawyer.
      you would think that the reduced rates npr enjoys compared to commercial radio and all of the free programming we artists hand over free in perpetuity would be enough. no wonder they can afford to pay executives 50 percent more than the President of the United States.
      I have pledged to my local affiliates every year all my adult life…. but never again. Sad.

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