Speaking Truth to Power and Speaking Truth to Friends

Music Technology Policy

Hell, I got lots of friends.

I don’t.

Tombstone, written by Kevin Jarre

A friend is someone whom you trust to do the right thing.  Sometimes you’ll hear people say that a friend did something uncharacteristic.  If they are really your friend, you will be the one to stand with them in those moments and say that just can’t be right.  Give them another chance to prove themselves.

So it is with National Public Radio’s short-lived membership in the MIC Coalition, the massive lobbying group organized by…someone…to oppose the Fair Play Fair Pay Act guaranteeing artist pay for radio play.  By the looks of it, those organizers were the usual suspects at the National Association of Broadcasters and Google.

As I mentioned in my presentation last week at the Copyright Society of the USA in Austin, the MIC Coalition members are companies and trade associations with a combined…

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